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What is home-based care?

We offer home-based medical care to support our patients and their families. Home-based care provides relief from pain for patients and offers support for them to live out the rest of their life as actively as possible. Our priorities through home-based care include relieving pain and working to meet the patient’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs

We also offer support to help you and your loved ones cope during this time. Home-based care is not only for the patients, but can provide relief to the family, as well as educate them on their loved one’s illness and needs.

When does someone need home-based care?

Home-based care is most commonly offered to patients who have been diagnosed with a serious illness or life-threatening disease. This form of care can be provided at any age or time for both chronic or terminal illnesses—anywhere from the time of diagnosis to the final stages of life.

What does OneSource do and how can OneSource help?

OneSource provides home-based care from the comfort of your home or current residence. We work with you and your doctors to set goals and organize a system of primary care from the following services we provide:

  • Medical doctor visits
  • Nurse practitioner visits
  • Licensed clinical social worker visits
  • In-home phlebotomy services
  • In-home lab/X-ray options
  • Pharmacy services

The home-based care at OneSource collaborates with partners in the community to meet the patient’s needs in-home health care (physical therapy and rehab), hospice, and specialty doctors/clinics.