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5 Reasons to Choose a Smaller Hospice Agency

February 24, 2020

Large corporate agencies sometimes seem like they have it all--the resources, the staff, and the well-known name. While they may have more, corporate agencies don’t always have the quality of a smaller agency, and quality beats quantity every time. Smaller hospice agencies are personable and provide quality care to your loved ones. When it’s time to choose a hospice option to care for someone you love, we hope that you’ll consider a smaller agency. 

  1. Personal Care

At OneSource Home Health & Hospice, we want our clients and their families to feel comfortable in contacting us with any concerns or questions. With a hospice agency of our size, your family will have the opportunity to meet each member of the staff who is caring for your loved one. This can help both the client and their families feel comfortable about who is looking after them and help you feel more comfortable reaching out to any of our staff. 

  1. Internal Company Communication

OneSource has two company locations, one in Idaho Falls and the other in Pocatello. Having more than one location may lead people to believe that we’re a bigger company than we are, but both of our locations have small teams. However, our two teams communicate constantly to find solutions to similar problems and to share ideas. By keeping our work between two locations we can meet the needs of our clients without spreading ourselves too thin. 

  1. Direct Communication

In smaller hospice agencies, it is easier to communicate with company officials. Members of our team have positive relationships with each other no matter their job title, which makes communication simple and allows us to cater to clients’ needs and wishes. Adjustments don’t take days or weeks to make as they would in a larger agency because there aren’t large communication obstacles to jump through. 

  1. Accredited

Although OneSource Home Health & Hospice is small, we still meet the expectations of our clients and standards of different hospice programs. As a small company, we feel that it’s important to be accredited and continue to improve our services to build a reliable name for ourselves that clients know and trust. The only way we can do that is by giving our clients the best and most personalized care we can within our accreditation. 

  1. Connection

We want our clients to feel like a part of the OneSource family and to understand that their comfort and care is our number one priority. We feel that as a small business, our size helps clients feel comfortable and provides the opportunity for a genuine connection with the members of our team who care for them and handle each aspect of their care. 

Even without the sizable staff and resources at a large agency, our small hospice group provides the best care to its clients. We form personal connections and provide individualized care to each client and their family to provide them with the best experience possible. During such a trying time for you and your family, find a smaller hospice agency that will make you all feel comfortable.